Monday, January 30, 2012

Starting The Week Right.

Now that I have my Mondays compeltely open,
I am excited to get the morning started...

catching up on gossip and exercise and how to be a better me,
learning how to use my new camera correctly and creatively instead of keeping it hidden out of fear of breaking/losing it,
 and finishing up my homework for the week.

What's better than starting the week stress free and on the right foot?
Nothing, only the good that will arise because of it.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

While Away, Remember When...

Time flies by so fast.
One minute your hanging out on the couch with your family, the next your off to college, graduating, and starting a life of your own.
With my brother leaving in less then a week for the Air Force, I can't help but want to look back...far back.
Roley Poley that one! Had to be propped up next to someone to keep from rolling over.
Clearly that didn't always help.
 Cousins by chance, friends by choice. -Anonymous

 The first few years, it was us against our mother.
Sometimes children just can't be tamed, whether that pertains to the hyper wild child or unmanageable hair, in this case it's both.
Then our mom married our dad Pete, and it wasn't just the two of us any more, there were six!
Preston never allowed a day to go by with out cracking a joke, faking a fart through his armpit (or not faking at all), or walking around the house with our older brother Preston, shirts over their heads laughing as they said, "I am cornholio!"

Pictures via My Mom
I remember when mom would have us watch this video and we thought it was so scary, no matter how many times we watched it!

Video via Youtube
Hopefully the time will pass so fast it won't even seem as though he was away.
Have fun brother, I love you!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

My New "Library".

The time has finally arrived!
Ryan is moving to Charlotte and I spent my day off yesterday preparing for the occasion!  On a day that I would have normally sat around and caught up on all the shows that I missed, I spent it rather productively, can't say I'm not proud.
As I've said before, I am on a decorating kick and so I rearranged my room to accommodate accordingly.
By moving my bed closer to the window only leaving one way to crawl into bed instead of two, this allowed me to move my couch giving me more room throughout my room.
I have been dreaming about rearranging my room in this way and had envisioned that I would get rid of my old bookcase and place my books on the wall above the couch, making my very own (beginner) library.
Didn't turn out exactly the way I pictured but it does the trick.  At least now I know that I need to buy another shelf for the remaining books that didn't make it on my wall.

 Turned out rather nicely thanks to Stacy, her keen eye, and her knowledge of the power drill!
I also discovered that by doing this I am in need of bookends! Thanks to my friend Ariana and the pottery I received (or bought I don't remember) from her at an art show, I was able to sidestep that issue.

Looking forward to a day full of unpacking and storing.
Also can't wait to join my family and friends at my little brothers 21st birthday/farewell party!
So proud of Preston as he prepares to enter the Air force!
Love you brother!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stuck Waiting For A Prescription Refill.

I am on a decorating kick, first beginning in my bedroom,

where Ryan put up my curtains and I put up some pictures,
and leaving my bedroom to rest until Ryan arrives, I have moved on to the bathroom.
It's funny how you can run to the store for one simple thing and end up leaving with more than you intended.

All I wanted was a hand towel rack,

Although putting it together was confusing in itself, I managed to make it happen.
But as you can see, buying a new towel rack therein led me to buy a new hand towel since I do not own any.

This then led me to buy the matching shower curtain, which I did ponder over before leaving the store with it.

The old curtain I received from my friend when she moved to Raleigh, I felt it was time to bring my bathroom more together.

Before leaving the bathroom section, as I quickly tried to do, I saw two things I could not leave without.
After buying soap refills in bulk, I felt it only made sense that I buy a reusable soap dispenser/container.  And of course, as most stores do, right next to the soap dispenser was a matching toothbrush holder.  I had just thrown mine away due to size and stability, so how could I walk away?

Overall the experience was fun, 
but I will not be returning to Target any time soon. 

Monday, January 23, 2012


I believe Mondays should be reserved for something special.
Considering that Mondays start at the beginning of the week (as we all know) and are also a reminder that the relaxing weekend is now over, why not make Mondays more exciting.
Since both my roommate and I were home from work and school, we decided to make dinner, crash on the couch discussing homework we needed to finish, and watch the new episode of Pretty Little Liars.
Our evening:

Stacy began by preparing a Cesar salad which she paired with spaghetti consisting of wheat noodles, Italian sausage and mushroom sauce and turkey sausage.

Dinner was amazing, homework has started, and Pretty Little Liars left me excited for more Mondays to follow.

What do you do to make Mondays fun?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh Swiss Miss.

Every winter I become obsessed with drinking hot chocolate.
I don't know why, but Swiss Miss and I are inseparable and lucky me, my roommate bought me the family size pack which should last me another few weeks.
With my last full semester in progress, I can think of nothing I want more than to prepare a cup and snuggle up in my bed to watch
 Once Upon a Time tonight after work.

This year is definitely starting off right!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happiness Is Key.

Now that we are two weeks into the New Year, I have finally decided what my New Years Resolution is going to be this year...
Be Positive
I was seriously considering not having one this year because I was done with attempting to loose weight or whatever and fail, so I'm going towards a route that will require me to watch the way I react to what is going on around me.

I would like to try and allow my naturally happy self out.
What's your New Years Resolution?