Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY Is Never Easy.

I finally started "decorating" my room!
After almost a year and a half of living there I drove to IKEA to grab a few things.
The first, curtains, which I swear will be the death of me!
For over an hour I put hole after hold after hole into my wall above and around the window and could not get away from the studs! Who does that? Who puts studs all around a window?
I can see where the person before me put their curtain rod, and after attempting to put mine in the same place, found that my rod is not long enough! Luckily, Ryan is on his way here today and I was nice enough to let him know that a project is awaiting him the moment he arrives.  I have lined up all the tools at his convenience.
Hopefully he can turn my disaster into a success!
This here is what I'm aiming for. Maybe I didn't screw the holders in high enough....good to know.

I also bought picture frames....that are to big for the pictures I bought a year ago.  So instead of returning them for a smaller size, I kept them and taped the pictures to white printing paper! Some may call this 'thinking on ones toes' or some may call it what it really is, to lazy to return to the store and exchange for proper sizes.
I was so excited to get a jump start on making my room more like me and wound up finding that everything I bought is far to small...I guess my room is like me.

It will all come together, I just know it. And once it's finished, not going to lie, I'm going to show off my new and improved room! Who knows maybe some painting will happen too...or maybe I won't...till next time.

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