Saturday, November 12, 2011

As My Fashion Begins To Evolve.

Happy November!

I know it's been far to long, but with school work coming due as the end of the school year approaches, and a much needed trip last weekend to Wilmington to see Ryan, I am finally back on schedule.

As I was searching the internet for fun vintage items that I can add to my ever growing wardrobe, I stumbled upon ModCloth.
Expressing yourself through fun, unique pieces makes getting dressed in the morning fun, not to mention offers up the sweet chance to show off your new find!

Soft colors and floral prints have been catching my eye lately.
Next up on my wish list of buys, just a few simple things that can be worn both in the office or out.

I have to add this jacket in as well, everyone is always in need of a beautiful fall jacket.
Isn't it gorgeous?

ModCloth houses more than just clothing, they also offer decor for the home or office, toys, and pet leashes and collars.
Be sure to check out their website here and don't miss out on all the advice and DIY projects on their blog.


*All pictures found on the ModCloth site.

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