Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ain't Nothing But a Hair Flip and a Brush of the Shoulder.

Life is so grand!
There's no reason to allow things to get you down.
Have a bad day?  Take a moment to vent, scream into your pillow if you must. 
Life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Be thankful to be alive and well, to have the family you were placed in, and the friends who have miraculously found their way into your life.
Because without them who would you be?  Where would you be?

Love the one your with. 
They will support you and care for you in a way that no one else may be able to.
Hold them tight, and tell them everyday how much they mean to you.
Remember this is the story you will write together, don't forget that he is in this with you, and has every right to make suggestions.

In the words of my good friend Amy Buechler,
"Don't stress.  It ain't nothing but a hair flip and a brush of the shoulder." 
Wise words we all should live by.

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