Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Change in Space.

I have been contemplating cutting my hair after growing it out for the past year.  So instead, I decided to make a change happen that wouldn't be so drastic; my room.
Starting out I was energized, and ready with a head full of ideas of what I was wanting.
Within an hour of pushing and pulling, I realized I was in way over my head.  But I knew I had to push through and continue, this was not a project I could have pushed aside and come back to later.

From utter chaos to cleanliness. 
Luckily once my couch was set, everything fell neatly into place. 
Needless to say I was exhausted once I finished, but, with my bed made, books neatly in place, and an open sitting place for my guests and I that did not involve climbing onto my bed, I am happy with the result.
Sometimes I have to remember to take a step back from all the mess that finds its way into my life, rearrange a few things, and allow myself some breathing room.

"After all, happiness doesn't lie in the objects we gather around us.  It lies within us.  To find it, all we need [to] do is open our eyes." -Anonymous

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