Sunday, August 28, 2011


I know it has been far to long and I vow to never allow this length of time between blogs again! 
I have had a very busy week settling into my classes for my last year as an undergraduate (yeah!) and am trying to formulate a schedule that will allow me to juggle everything I have going on.
When I'm not in class working on my English major/Psychology minor
I am:

A Nanny.
I have proudly been a nanny for four beautiful girls for the past six months and wouldn't change it for anything.
Not to mention their parents are amazing and so helpful and understanding, who would want to end that kind of relationship?
For those looking for a job, I would highly suggest becoming a nanny.  It is the most rewarding job you could ever find and the bond you have with the children is unlike any other bond.

A Sales Clerk/Key Holder.
I have been working with the Life is Good company for almost four years now!  I have learned the ins and outs of retail and was taught so much more than my job title by my previous manager, Jessica Chandler.
Retail is a job everyone should enter at one point in their life.
You learn so much about customer service and are able to carry and utilize the skills you acquire, into future jobs and throughout life.

A Sales Clerk.
I buy all of my jeans, scarves and and jewelry from them anyway, why not get a nice discount added to the buying experience!  Not to mention I also get the chance to see all of the new merchandise as it comes into the store!
I am now working at American Eagle!  I know it's another retail job, but I already have the customer service skills down pact, and am really looking forward to further employment opportunities as they become available!
Piece of advice: If working in retail, work somewhere that will benefit you as well! 

And last but not least, the one I am most excited about becoming a part of:

An Intern.
I have been searching all summer for an internship that would give me insight into what the world has to offer for an English major. 
I am unsure which route I want to take once I graduate and enter into the "real" world. Not to mention which area of focus I would like to pursue in graduate school.

Charlotte Parent Magazine has brought me on to learn all there is to know about PR/marketing, publishing, editing and writing!
I now get the opportunity to find which area suits me best, as well as gaining experience in more than one field.

Although it may seem that I have a lot on my plate, I am excited for each, and can't wait to see what all I will learn from each new job and continue to learn from the older jobs.
What all have you done to prepare yourself for the future?
What job have you decided suits you best?

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Jessica Chandler said...

Thanks for the mention! I miss you and am so pleased that you are doing well! <3 Jes