Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stuck Waiting For A Prescription Refill.

I am on a decorating kick, first beginning in my bedroom,

where Ryan put up my curtains and I put up some pictures,
and leaving my bedroom to rest until Ryan arrives, I have moved on to the bathroom.
It's funny how you can run to the store for one simple thing and end up leaving with more than you intended.

All I wanted was a hand towel rack,

Although putting it together was confusing in itself, I managed to make it happen.
But as you can see, buying a new towel rack therein led me to buy a new hand towel since I do not own any.

This then led me to buy the matching shower curtain, which I did ponder over before leaving the store with it.

The old curtain I received from my friend when she moved to Raleigh, I felt it was time to bring my bathroom more together.

Before leaving the bathroom section, as I quickly tried to do, I saw two things I could not leave without.
After buying soap refills in bulk, I felt it only made sense that I buy a reusable soap dispenser/container.  And of course, as most stores do, right next to the soap dispenser was a matching toothbrush holder.  I had just thrown mine away due to size and stability, so how could I walk away?

Overall the experience was fun, 
but I will not be returning to Target any time soon. 

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