Sunday, January 29, 2012

While Away, Remember When...

Time flies by so fast.
One minute your hanging out on the couch with your family, the next your off to college, graduating, and starting a life of your own.
With my brother leaving in less then a week for the Air Force, I can't help but want to look back...far back.
Roley Poley that one! Had to be propped up next to someone to keep from rolling over.
Clearly that didn't always help.
 Cousins by chance, friends by choice. -Anonymous

 The first few years, it was us against our mother.
Sometimes children just can't be tamed, whether that pertains to the hyper wild child or unmanageable hair, in this case it's both.
Then our mom married our dad Pete, and it wasn't just the two of us any more, there were six!
Preston never allowed a day to go by with out cracking a joke, faking a fart through his armpit (or not faking at all), or walking around the house with our older brother Preston, shirts over their heads laughing as they said, "I am cornholio!"

Pictures via My Mom
I remember when mom would have us watch this video and we thought it was so scary, no matter how many times we watched it!

Video via Youtube
Hopefully the time will pass so fast it won't even seem as though he was away.
Have fun brother, I love you!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your brother and your family.