Saturday, January 28, 2012

My New "Library".

The time has finally arrived!
Ryan is moving to Charlotte and I spent my day off yesterday preparing for the occasion!  On a day that I would have normally sat around and caught up on all the shows that I missed, I spent it rather productively, can't say I'm not proud.
As I've said before, I am on a decorating kick and so I rearranged my room to accommodate accordingly.
By moving my bed closer to the window only leaving one way to crawl into bed instead of two, this allowed me to move my couch giving me more room throughout my room.
I have been dreaming about rearranging my room in this way and had envisioned that I would get rid of my old bookcase and place my books on the wall above the couch, making my very own (beginner) library.
Didn't turn out exactly the way I pictured but it does the trick.  At least now I know that I need to buy another shelf for the remaining books that didn't make it on my wall.

 Turned out rather nicely thanks to Stacy, her keen eye, and her knowledge of the power drill!
I also discovered that by doing this I am in need of bookends! Thanks to my friend Ariana and the pottery I received (or bought I don't remember) from her at an art show, I was able to sidestep that issue.

Looking forward to a day full of unpacking and storing.
Also can't wait to join my family and friends at my little brothers 21st birthday/farewell party!
So proud of Preston as he prepares to enter the Air force!
Love you brother!

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