Wednesday, February 22, 2012

He Sure Fooled Us.

Opie is a handful!
When we brought him home from South Carolina we were unsure what to expect.  The quiet, sleepy, cooperative boy that he introduced us to was a sneak into the life we would not have with Opie.
The one thing that has stayed consistent is him sleeping through the night.  Of all that is definitely a blessing.  I don't know what I would do if he wasn't allowing us to sleep through the night.
Yet quiet is far from the truth!
Our little Opie, the one we were unsure knew how to bark, uses his powerful bark to let us know everything! When he wants attention, when he wants to be picked up, when he wants to go outside.  It's very confusing trying to differentiate between them all.
The hardest part is probably trying to get all of his energy out.  For a second, I thought maybe we should get another puppy in the next year, now I'm starting to think that is NOT a good idea.  Thanks to our friends who own animals themselves, and allow us to show up at their homes for a play date at a moments notice, I don't know what I would do without them.
Not only do we get a break from trying to keep him busy, he has another dog(s) to play with and we usually end up leaving with him asleep on our laps for the ride home.

This here is Opie, gathering our friends dogs toys, after burying them in the corners, only to gaurd them from all who came near.

Because our friends were not using the bed, they allowed us to take it home.  As you can see, he does the same thing at home with his toys.
Looks like we may need to work on sharring.

Next on the list...Dog Training Classes!
Hopefully they can help us learn how to keep him from going to the bathroom inside.

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