Sunday, September 11, 2011


It's baffling to think that the significance of this day, the reason for all the hustle and bustle, worry and sadness, happened ten years ago.
I can remember sitting in my English class, only to have the teacher interrupted by our principal.  He then reported to us over the intercom what had happened, and if there were any students or faculty that had family in that area, to report to the office. 
I remember not understanding what all the panic was about.  Why people were sad, or why kids in my middle school were calling their parents to go home.
We were in Iowa, I didn't understand that disaster had struck us.
It wasn't until I entered History class, after we were all seated and my teacher had turned the TV on to the news, that I understood what was going on.
I then understood the horror.
They will never be forgotten.

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