Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moms @ Work

After jumping into this project in the last two weeks before the event became real,
I had my hands full with last minute preparations.
Having the opportunity in helping prepare this luncheon and then getting to see everything come together for the first time, was pretty amazing.

The turnout was phenomenal. 
Having the opportunity to match names to faces that I have poured over the last two weeks, making list after list, was interesting.
You don't realize how much you assume someone will look a certain way based off of their name, or voice, only to be shown how totally off you were.
The speaker was amazing!
Although I am not a working mom, it was still nice to hear all of the work that moms put into each day.  I never realized that once they left work and came home, dealing with the children and maybe even the husband is a job in itself.
Moms are amazing! 
It was definitely interesting to see what exactly is put into planning an event.
I witnessed the stress of making sure everything and everyone was accounted for, how to turn something wrong into something right, and how to appreciate the mastermind behind it all.  The planner her/himself.
They do not receive the amount of credit they should, hands down.

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