Sunday, October 16, 2011

Manageable Chaos.

Like I have stated before, Moms are awesome!
A few weeks ago I took the girls I babysit out to CiCi's for dinner while their parents finished packing their old house.
I was excited to get the chance to go out to eat, but, I wasn't thinking about feeding four girls, having to run back and forth from the booth to the line to grab them more slices, making sure they didn't get anything on their cute winter dresses, as well as feeding myself.
Almost impossible!
Luckily these girls are a lot of fun and always know how to make something that can be super stress full into something very entertaining.

I can take these girls anywhere and know we will come out alive and laughing.
Of course this was the highlight of the night!
The girls loved the cinnamon rolls but the gooey, hardly cooked, brownie is what we kept returning to the counter for.

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